Get your mandatory PU certificate with Bovi-Bond

Since 24 August 2023, as a user of two-component urethane adhesives in the European Union, you will be required to have a PU certificate. This regulation is mandatory for anyone working with products that have a total concentration of monomer diisocyanate above 0.1%. This means that users of Bovi-Bondmust also complete a training to get this certificate. The PU training is normally paying. Through Vettec, you can now request the Vettec code on this page and attend the training for free.

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New additional REACH regulation

REACH is a European regulation around the production and trade of chemicals. REACH stands for: Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. These predefined directives and regulations apply to all countries in the European Union. A new additional REACH directive concerning PU products has been adopted to better protect human health and the environment against risks from chemicals.

This regulation focuses mainly on respiratory and dermal allergic reactions, possibly caused by diisocyanates. Diisocyanates are a group of chemicals found in paints and inks, lacquers, coatings and adhesives, among others. You will also find these chemicals in polyurethane hoof care adhesives. With the certificate, the European Union wants to ensure that everyone knows what they are working with and how to handle these products sustainably and safely.

PU training should be refreshed every five years. This ensures that users’ knowledge is always up-to-date in the correct use of polyurethane foam, PU sealant and PU wood glue. This protects them from potential risks in everyday work. An important note: employers have a duty of proof. They must document that their employees have successfully participated in safety training.

What does this mean for you?

As a hoof trimmer, vet or dairy farmer in the EU working with urethane adhesives, you are required by law to complete a short training and obtain the PU certificate. From now, you may be asked for your certificate when working with these products or even just carrying them with you. The ISOPA, an association of manufacturers in the European Union, has created a (paid) online training course. This short course covers the general application of all types of urethane products. After the training of about 30 minutes, you can immediately complete the short online test to obtain the certificate.

the paid training for free through Bovi-Bond

Get your PU certificate together with Bovi-Bond

You are required by law to attend the paid training and obtain the certificate. As a partner and loyal Vettec user, you can participate in the training and test for free with the Vettec code.

The advantages of PU-adhesives

Why choose two-component urethane adhesives:

  • Fast processing and setting
  • High durability
  • Strong adhesion
  • Low cost
  • Effective in all seasons
gratis PU-training met Bovi-Bond
Get your PU certificate with Bovi-Bond


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