Bovi-Bond Introduction Kit

The Bovi-Bond introduction Kit provides you immediately with all the material you need to start gluing blocks professionally. Besides the Bovi-Bond glue and hoof blocks, this starter box also contains the necessary tools. In addition, this box provides a handy step-by-step plan to get started quickly and effectively.

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"I only use Bovi-Bond. For me, consistency and reliability are important factors in everything I use in business."

Graeme Parker - The Hoof GP

Bovi-Bond Introduction Kit contains:

All you need to start gluing claw blocks quickly and professionally in one go:

Wat zit er in de Bovi-Bond Introductie Kit

Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive 210 ml

Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive is the original two-component adhesive known for improving animal health, while saving your time and money. The chemistry of Bovi-Bond has proven to be the most reliable and consistent in the industry. It’s very easy to use and sets in only 30 seconds.

Bovi-bond klauwlijm hecht is slechts 30 seconden. Ideaal voor klauwbekappers en klauwverzorging

Vettec Bovi-Bond hoof knife

Bovi-Bond Hoof Knife is the next generation hoof knive designed to treat cattle hoof. The knife is created in close collaboration with Graeme Parker – “The Hoof GP” and answer all needs of the professional claw trimmer. This new Bovi-Bond knife is a game changer, giving versatility, durability and the ability to slice through hoof horn like never before.

Vettec Bovi-Bond Hoof Knife

How to use

Check out the ‘how to use’ -steps in this Bovi-Bond video by Graeme Parker – The Hoof GP. In this video Graeme showcases what to do when using Bovi-Bond blocks and Bovi-Bond glue during treatments of cows who have problems with their feet. Get optimum results using this original fast setting adhesive for hoof blocks.