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Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Beech Wood supports and protects the hoof of the bovine animals. When applied correctly, the hoof block reduces pressure of the injured part of the hoof, so that it can heal. Bovi-Bond Hoof Block Beech Wood works great in combination with Bovi-Bond Block Adhesive. The block is made out of high quality beech wood, and remains strong until the hoof is healed. This is a great way of protecting cattle claws, while lowering costs. Wood reacts well to bonding adhesives due to its rough surface and lasts from three-to-four weeks. The blocks eventually fall off claws naturally, eliminating the need for hoof trimmers to go back to each cow to remove them.


Product features:

  • Protection and comfort for cows
  • Very strong
  • Beech wood
  • Applicable with Bovi-Bond adhesive

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100 Pieces, 300 Pieces


11 cm, 13 cm

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